St. Boniface Catholic Church

St. Boniface Church

A small Catholic church standing out on the prairie welcoming all to come and worship.

St. Boniface Catholic Church in Vincent, Kansas.

“Pearl of the Prairie”

St. Boniface Catholic Church is located in the rural community of Vincent, Kansas.
St. Boniface Parish was established in 1907 by a group of Volga Germans who originally attended church services at St. Fidelis Catholic Church in Victoria, Kansas, a town about seven miles northwest of Vincent. The distance to church made it difficult for many in the Vincent area to attend regularly, so they requested in1905 that the bishop allow them to build their own church.

The Capuchin friars who reside in the friary at Victoria currently provide priests to say Masses at Vincent.

In 1970, St. Boniface received the nickname of “Pearl of the Prairie” because it was treasured by the 40 some parishioners who have remained faithful to the little church on the prairie.